Covid 19

Early on, Vermont stood out as a leader in this country in its response to Covid-19. We must continue to remain vigilant and continue to treat this virus as a major threat to our communities.

The Environment

We know climate change is impacting our lives right now. Severe weather events are occurring more frequently and the destruction is devastating. Vermonters are already feeling the cost of the events caused by climate change - personally, emotionally, and financially.



Housing is a crisis in Vermont and we need to be doing everything in our power to help those experiencing housing insecurity. We also need to provide support services to individuals experiencing substance abuse disorder and mental health needs.

Paid Leave

Any family can tell you just how important paid family leave is. I was serving in the Legislature when paid leave passed both the House and Senate. However, regrettably, the bill was vetoed by the Governor.


Health Care

High costs of healthcare and prescription drugs must be addressed. As a state we must look at every option available to address the costs and reduce the burden on those who call Vermont home.


It is past time that we ensure broadband is available in every corner of the state, with no parts of any community left behind. We need to invest in broadband buildouts that are part of a strategic plan to ultimately serve all households.


Reproductive Rights

Banning and limiting family planning options is wrong. It puts the health and safety of women at risk. Reproductive Rights Vermont has advanced an amendment to the VT Constitution to secure reproductive rights. The House will take a final vote this session and then Vermont voters will weigh in in November. 

If Vermonters support the provision, we will be the first state in the country to codify reproductive rights in the state’s constitution. I support this action and I hope all Vermonters will join me in voting for Prop. 5 this November.