July 30, 2022    Front Porch Forum
Support for Kitty Toll - Letter 

Dear Neighbors,

I am writing to express my support for Kitty Toll for Lieutenant Governor.

I met Kitty this past Spring at an event in Bellows Falls and was very impressed by her. She is the youngest of 14 children and grew up on her family's multi - generational dairy farm in Danville, VT.

She was a Middle School teacher for many years, and later served in the Vermont Legislature where she chaired the House Appropriations Committee. Kitty knows budgets.

I believe she is well qualified to step up and lead our state should anything ever happen to our Governor. Kitty is experienced, thoughtful, and a consensus-builder. Now, more than ever, I believe we need these traits in our public officials. I believe she will serve us well.

I hope you will join me in supporting Kitty Toll for Lieutenant Governor.

Don't forget to VOTE on August 9th, or before! Absentee Ballots are available at your Town office now.

Thank you.

Allison Deen, Westminster

July 15, 2022    The Montpelier Happy Hour

Candidate Interview with Kitty Toll

Brattleboro Community Television - Montpelier Connection
Rep. Michael Mrowicki talks with Kitty Toll
July 8, 2022    Bennington Banner
Support Kitty Toll for Lieutenant Governor - Letter to the Editor

It is important that capable women step up if we are ever going to change the miasma of our present political culture. From the four years we served together on the House Appropriations Committee I know first hand how capable Kitty Toll is.

Not only is she adept at adding and subtracting very large numbers, she has a keen understanding how those numbers matter in people’s everyday lives, in the economic health of our state and in the well-being of our communities. The work of Appropriations (and indeed government) is not just about revenues and expenditures balancing. At the end of the day it is about the work that taxpayer money accomplishes for all of us. It matters whose hands and hearts are directing that work.

I know how hard Kitty worked for the people in her home district as state representative, so I wholeheartedly applaud her decision to seek the statewide office of lieutenant governor. Vermont will benefit greatly from her leadership, her values and her experience.

Ann Manwaring, Wilmington

July 7, 2022    News and Citizen
Former Speaker Lends Support for Kitty Toll - Letter to the Editor

I write today in support of Kitty Toll’s bid for lieutenant governor. I’ve known Toll for more than 10 years. In the Legislature, I watched her as a member of the agriculture and appropriations committees and saw her grow into a leader who members of all parties would follow.

People followed her because they knew she was committed to the issues as well as building consensus around how to solve them. For this reason alone, she will make an incredible lieutenant governor.

That said, one story about Toll stands out to me and it’s not what she was doing in the Statehouse, but what she was doing for her constituents. One winter Friday night, she called me at home.

She was in the throes of working on the budget, but she wasn’t calling me for my input on that issue but because she was concerned about a kid from the Northeast Kingdom who was attending Northern Vermont University-Johnson. She feared that he didn’t have a place to stay and was worried that he didn’t have enough meal points for food. She was calling me on a Friday night to ask if I could help ensure that he had housing and food.

We talked, coordinated with folks to get her constituent the support he needed, and the problem was solved. Through one small act, she was making a difference in the life of a kid who needed a hand.

That night left a lasting impression on me. Toll is a person who works to solve the hardest issues the state faces, but even when she is wrestling with the big picture, she remembers that, in the end, this is about helping people.

That is why I will be voting for Kitty Toll in the Democratic primary on Aug. 9.

Shap Smith, Morristown

July 6, 2022    Seven Days
Experience Matters - Letter to the Editor

 To the Editor:

In response to the great Seven Days Primary Voters' Guide [June 29], I realized — and wanted to emphasize for other voters — that there was a stark difference between many of the candidates: experience.

I grew up in the Northeast Kingdom, where strong women shaped me into the grateful Vermonter I am today. We're long overdue in sending more of them to Montpelier and Washington, D.C. Too many important issues — abortion rights, LGBTQ+ rights, education funding, climate change and combating inflation — are on the ballot for everyday Vermonters, and we have to send the right people to office to solve them.

We are lucky to have women who have served, fought for and delivered for Vermonters for a long time — women like Becca Balint for Congress, Kitty Toll for lieutenant governor, and Charity Clark for attorney general. These are women who have been in public service and have actual experience doing the hard work. Take a look at their records. Other candidates simply haven't done the work. Becca and Kitty are both former public school teachers — like my parents — and Charity has been a tireless fighter for protecting consumer rights at a time when it feels like so many of us are subject to corporate exploitation.

As a recruiter of nonprofit leaders across the nation, I know leadership when I see it. I'm voting for Becca, Kitty, and Charity because they have it. We need it.

Connor DaleyWinooski

June 24, 2022    Saint Alban's Messenger
Kitty Toll says experience will make her a
strong lieutenant governor of Vermont

ST. ALBANS — Kitty Toll appeared in the Zoom room from a parking lot, seated in her car. She was on her way to Burlington from Montpelier, she said, one of many drives in a long line of campaign trips.

Like other candidates, Toll has taken her campaign to be Vermont’s next lieutenant governor across the state. She told the Messenger visiting so many different communities is teaching her something new about Vermont everyday. Continue reading...

June 22, 2022    Seven Days

Open-Seat Season: Three Hotly Contested
Vermont Primaries to Watch This Summer 


During a tour of the ArtHound Gallery in Essex earlier this month, Kitty Toll, a Democratic candidate for lieutenant governor, chatted with co-owner John Churchman about local artists, rural life and revitalizing the Essex Experience, where the gallery is located. 

Toll eyed a colorful painting by Burlington artist Annelein Beukenkamp. "I love the rooster," said the candidate, who grew up on a Danville dairy farm.

Churchman later pronounced the former Democratic lawmaker an impressive candidate. Continue reading...

May 27, 2022    Bennington Banner
Kitty Toll brings her campaign to downtown Bennington

Kitty Toll, a Democrat running for lieutenant governor, brought her campaign to downtown Bennington on Friday.

Toll started the day at United Counseling Service of Bennington County to learn about its programs, before taking a tour of Main and South streets and talking to business owners. Continue reading...

May 12, 2022    Stowe Reporter
Support Kitty Toll - Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:

I am endorsing Kitty Toll for lieutenant governor because I believe Vermont deserves the best. I’m tired of extremes, of arguments that get us nowhere. I want smart, practical people in office who can work across party lines and who care so much about our communities that they put ego aside. Toll is that person.

She served in the Vermont Legislature for over a decade, earning the respect of colleagues on both sides of the aisle. She earned that respect by being both compassionate and practical, knowing how to get things done while never forgetting why things should be done.

Toll is a systems thinker who will help move Vermont forward toward fiscal sustainability. Balanced budgets may not sound exciting, but they are critical to the future of our state.

Recently, someone said to me: “There’s not a person in this state who knows more about the budget than Kitty Toll.” This is true.

She also knows Vermonters. She sees people in recovery, she understands that transportation and housing fuel our economy, and she has taught the children our education dollars are supporting. In short, she knows the people behind the dollars, and she knows that solutions are not simple.

Toll is a hard worker and a good listener. She is running because of her strong commitment to service. I am endorsing Toll because housing, child care and the economy are critical, and she will bring a practical, smart approach to these complex issues.

I trust her with my tax dollars, and I believe she will work hard to help other elected officials find consensus around excellent approaches to our challenges. Kitty Toll can do things right.

Emily Rosenbaum


April 27, 2022    Caledonian-Record
Support Kitty Toll - Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:


I am proud to support Kitty Toll of Danville for Lieutenant Governor of Vermont.


As a young Vermonter from St. Johnsbury, and a student at the University of Vermont, I believe it’s critical that our next Lieutenant Governor understands the changing demographics of our state and how we’ll meet the needs of present and future Vermonters. With her integrity, enthusiasm, and kindness, Kitty will do just that.


Kitty’s track record as a middle school teacher, state legislator, and Chair of the House Appropriations committee shows her commitment to public service and deep care for the issues facing our next generation.


I’ve had a close relationship with Kitty for over five years now. She’s always been a relentless supporter of mine. She has encouraged me to better myself in all aspects of life, including character, community involvement, and academics. She goes above and beyond to be a supportive figure for anyone in need, and she brings out the best in those around her. She is smart, committed, and passionate, and she will fight for every Vermonter as she has for me. Kitty values family and community more than anyone I’ve ever met, and young Vermonters like myself must share these values now more than ever—and we must do so by electing people like Kitty to lead our state forward.


I know she’ll bring empathy, compassion, and an ability to build broad coalitions to the forefront of our state’s government.


There’s no one else I’d rather see in the Lt. Governor’s office.


Alaura Rich

University of Vermont | Class of 2022

March 15, 2022    Vermont Digger
Kitty Toll takes an early lead in fundraising in
Vermont’s race for lieutenant governor

Out of all the candidates vying for non-federal office in Vermont this year, Kitty Toll has raised the most, according to new filings due Tuesday to the Secretary of State’s Office. The Democratic former state representative, who is running for lieutenant governor, brought in $117,597 and spent $6,442.

Toll came out ahead of three opponents in the Democratic primary — former Lt. Gov. David Zuckerman, nonprofit leader Patricia Preston and Rep. Charlie Kimbell, D-Woodstock — as well as Sen. Joe Benning, R-Caledonia, who is running in the Republican primary.  Continue reading...

February 4, 2022    Vermont Digger
Kitty Toll, former House Appropriations chair,
is running for lieutenant governor

Kitty Toll, a former Democratic state representative from Danville who led the House’s powerful budget-writing panel, is running for lieutenant governor, she told VTDigger.

Toll served two terms as chair of the House Appropriations Committee, which she said gave her a keen understanding of the interplay between federal spending and state budgeting. Vermont is at a crossroads, she argued, with unprecedented amounts of one-time federal cash to spend and could benefit from her experience.  Continue reading...

February 7, 2022    Caledonian-Record
Kitty Toll Gathers A Crowd At The Farm To
Announce Bid For Lieutenant Governor

With an emphasis on her roots and support for the younger generations combined with the endorsements of a couple of former power players in the Vermont House, Kitty Toll gathered with a crowd of well-wishers at the family farm on Monday to announce her bid for the position of Vermont lieutenant governor.

The farmhouse at McDonald Farm along Route 2 served as the backdrop for Toll to officially commence her campaign. A small fire crackled from a fire ring near a podium bearing a bright green sign bearing “Kitty Beattie Toll,” a campaign sign when Toll successfully ran for state representative. Hot chocolate was available along with ham salad sandwiches, something Toll said her mother, Catherine “Kate” Beattie appreciated.  Continue reading...

December 20, 2021    Caledonian-Record

Editorial: Strong Candidates from the NEK


Incumbent Lt. Gov. Molly Gray, Democrat of Newbury, has announced that she will seek the Congressional seat being vacated by Rep. Peter Welch, who has announced his candidacy for the Senate seat being vacated by retiring Sen. Patrick Leahy. It seems likely that the open Lt. Governor’s position will attract a number of candidates.


Two of the names currently attracting attention are Caledonia County lawmakers Kitty Toll of Danville and Senator Joe Benning of Lyndon.


Kitty Toll, a Democrat, served from 2009 to 2020 as the representative from Danville, Peacham and Cabot. She was born and raised in Danville, graduated from Danville High School, earned degrees from Lyndon State and UVM, and was a public-school teacher. Continue reading...

March 15, 2017    Seven Days

Sisters Act: Siblings Kitty Toll and Jane Kitchel
Hold Vermont's Purse Strings

At the Danville Town Meeting lunch last week, Sen. Jane Beattie Kitchel and Rep. Kitty Beattie Toll squeezed into pint-size seats next to one another in an elementary school cafeteria and dug into the ham and baked beans.

As tradition dictates, each had been tasked with bringing a dish to share. Kitchel made pickled beets; Toll brought spice cake. Well, actually, Toll carried the cake into the building. Kitchel baked the cake on her sister's behalf. Continue reading...